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World's 1st cordless 2-in-1DECT/VoIP phone

CMT grows along wireless technology - CMT 10.368MHz quartz crystal is employed in the world's first cordless DECT/VoIP phone.  It is a cordless telephone that can be connected to a normal telephone socket or a USB port on a PC for minimum phone bills.

To meet the requirements of RoHS Directive in July 06, CMT has developed  a full range of lead-free (Pb-free) quartz crystals and is well-prepared for the new generation of soldering processes.
Over the past ten years, CMT has been working closely with circuit and product engineers over short range voice and data wireless solutions. All CMT crystals are engineered for the optimum frequency control performance.

CMT specialize in frequency control solutions for wireless applications.  We can complete an engineering sample as soon as seven days.  Give us details of required parameters and we can help realize the full potential of your design.

For application reference, here is a cross-ref between specific RF chipsets and CMT crystals.


Tutorial overview of operation theory. Click to see how to select the correct crystal oscillator and external capacitors.

What happens if I operate a crystal outside of its specified temperature range? .... learn more
Global Preparations For Pb-Free Solders - European electronics manufacturers are working under deadline to meet the requirement of the RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) Directive.
All CMT crystals and oscillators are ISO9001 certified and Lead (Pb) Free.

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